Energy-Wise Landscape Design

Energy-Wise Landscape Design by Sue Reed

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Silver Award: Book of the Year, Foreword Reviews, 2010

Residential consumption represents nearly one quarter of North America’s total energy use, and the average homeowner spends thousands of dollars a year on power bills. To help alleviate this problem, Energy-Wise Landscape Design presents hundreds of practical ways everyone can save money, time and effort while making their landscapes more environmentally healthy and energy efficient.

IMG 5719 2Combining general guidelines with tips, techniques and actions, this fully illustrated guide explains the many opportunities our landscapes provide for conserving energy. Readers will learn how to:

  • lower a home’s heating and cooling costs
  • minimize fuel used in landscape construction, maintenance and everyday use
  • choose products and materials with lower embedded energy costs
  • make a positive difference without a major investment or change in lifestyle.

IMG 2483 3This book is for homeowners, gardeners, landscape professionals and students...everyone who's involved in designing, planning, building and caring for environments large and small. Written in non-scientific language with clear explanations and an easy conversational style, Energy-Wise Landscape Design is an essential resource for all who want to shrink their energy footprint while enhancing their property and adding value to their home.

Note: Many ideas from this book are explored in further detail in my "Climate-Wise Landscaping" blog.

Buy the Book

Buy a signed copy for only $17.95, with free shipping (to the lower 48).

This book is also available at fine book stores or online. In addition, it is available as an e-book, through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and all major e-book sellers.

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“Sue’s eye for the big picture and her thoughtful attention to detail—plus her capacity to set up and supervise a crew of sub-contractors to carry out the plan—were heartening, indeed. The process of working with Sue Reed was a positive experience from beginning to end.”