Wonderful review from Master Gardener Laurie McGrath in Santa Fe, NM. The whole things is excellent, especially Laurie's point that the book relates as well to the arid Southwest as to the east and southern region. You can read it here, but we especially love the perfect conclusion:

Climate-Wise Landscaping offers a full menu of ideas and covers a variety of subjects in one volume. In addition to good photos, wonderful and inspiring quotes from other writers are graphically set off throughout the book. The authors do an excellent job empowering home gardeners to take manageable steps toward sustainable landscapes without sacrificing beauty.

Many thanks to Ellen Honeycutt for the lovely review of our book in her blog, "Using Georgia Native Plants!" Here's an excerpt:

"If you’ve been wondering what actions you can take in your own landscape (or how to inspire someone else) to make a difference in this changing climate, this book is a well-compiled tool to guide the average person. Making a change in our own landscapes can seem like a drop in the bucket, but our changes do contribute and can inspire others to add another ‘drop,’ – and some drops can be larger than others, depending on who we inspire (imagine inspiring an organization with large land holdings!)."

Climate-Wise Landscaping by Sue Reed and Ginny StiboltPractical Actions for a Sustainable Future

By Sue Reed and Ginny Stibolt

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Order your signed copy from Sue Reed for only $20.95, with free shipping (to the lower 48).

This book answers the question: What can we do in our own landscapes, right now, to respond to climate change?

Predictions about future effects of climate change can range from mild to dire – but we're already seeing warmer winters, hotter summers, and more extreme storms. Proposed solutions often seem expensive and complex, and can leave us as individuals at a loss, wondering what, if anything, can be done.

Authors Sue Reed and Ginny Stibolt offer a rallying cry in response – instead of wringing our hands, they say let's roll up our sleeves. Based on decades of real-life experience, this book is packed with simple, practical steps anyone can take to help lessen global warming while beautifying any landscape and garden.

The book includes ten sections that cover: Lawns • Trees & Shrubs • Water • Ecosystems • Soil • Planning & Design • Herbaceous Plants • Urban Issues • Food • Materials.
It also presents five Primers that explain the science and issues of: Climate Change • Landscape Chemicals • Water and Plants • Native Plants • Soil Carbon and Ecosystems.

GreenPal SelectExcerpt from the Foreword by Dr. Doug Tallamy:

"Read this book carefully. Everything you need to know to help heal our relationship with planet earth and empower you to make a much-needed difference is within these pages."

Excerpt from the American Library Association's Booklist Review:

"The volume of information here is impressive and each action is accompanied by an explanation of why it’s important. In addition to addressing existing challenges, many suggestions also aim to minimize potential damage from fire, flood, and storm. This wealth of information is divided into manageable chunks, making the book useful whether read cover to cover or dipped into for specific topics.”

Virginia Native Plant Society (read whole review here):

"Are you ready to DO something NOW? Need to start at the beginning of native plant gardening? Want to know how to repair forest edges? Need specifics on slope calculations? Want to know what materials are the most eco-friendly? You’ll find answers in Climate-Wise Landscaping. This is a book that you will keep as a reference, and it is certainly one you will want to use in your advocacy efforts whenever you have the time and opportunity to educate others."

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Order your signed copy from Sue Reed for only $20.95, with free shipping (to the lower 48).

This book is also sold at all online booksellers and most fine bookstores. The e-book version is available through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and all major e-booksellers.

Energy-Wise Landscape Design by Sue Reed

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Living Now Book AwardsGold Award Winner, Independent Publisher’s Books for Better Living Now, 2011

Silver Award: Book of the Year, Foreword Reviews, 2010

Residential consumption represents nearly one quarter of North America’s total energy use, and the average homeowner spends thousands of dollars a year on power bills. To help alleviate this problem, Energy-Wise Landscape Design presents hundreds of practical ways everyone can save money, time and effort while making their landscapes more environmentally healthy and energy efficient.

IMG 5719 2Combining general guidelines with tips, techniques and actions, this fully illustrated guide explains the many opportunities our landscapes provide for conserving energy. Readers will learn how to:

  • lower a home’s heating and cooling costs
  • minimize fuel used in landscape construction, maintenance and everyday use
  • choose products and materials with lower embedded energy costs
  • make a positive difference without a major investment or change in lifestyle.

IMG 2483 3This book is for homeowners, gardeners, landscape professionals and students...everyone who's involved in designing, planning, building and caring for environments large and small. Written in non-scientific language with clear explanations and an easy conversational style, Energy-Wise Landscape Design is an essential resource for all who want to shrink their energy footprint while enhancing their property and adding value to their home.

Note: Many ideas from this book are explored in further detail in my "Climate-Wise Landscaping" blog.

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Buy a signed copy for only $17.95, with free shipping (to the lower 48).

This book is also available at fine book stores or online. In addition, it is available as an e-book, through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and all major e-book sellers.

112-1244 IMG 1Reviews

Gardening Associations

IMG 2496 3Garden and Green Bloggers

“We have worked closely with Sue Reed for over 15 years, on projects both modest and grand. She has a great blend of engineering knowledge and design, and can see the opportunities and pitfalls clearly. Her sense of how to site a house in the landscape is uncanny. When we are able to work together, the projects gain value both functionally and aesthetically.”