“Energy-Wise Landscape Design is unique and a valuable tool for anyone concerned about our planet. Sue Reed helps the reader understand the need to think global/act local. The idea of energy efficiency at the home landscape level is the first step in our progress toward energy independence.”

StepsSusan Reed

Landscape Architecture

Designing home landscapes to be: • Ecologically rich • Comfortably livable • Energy efficient • Inviting to wildlife • Naturally beautiful.

Baseline Documentation

Scan 10I prepare Baseline Documentation Reports for Conservation Restrictions held by Land Trusts. These documents include the full record of the conditions of the land resource that is being held in perpetuity and recorded in the property deed. The job involves:

  • Producing photo-records of all relevant boundaries and interior conditions.
  • Mapping building envelopes, easements, vegetation and other natural resources (including invasive plants).
  • Documenting permitted and excluded activities.
  • Compiling all into a coherent printed report that is kept on file and used as a reference for all future stewardship monitoring.
  • Providing digital archives of all photos and the full report.