“Sue Reed has compiled an extremely useful and readable book on ways in which we can design and manage landscapes with the goal of conserving —and even producing —energy. I have not seen another book which brings together so many useful concepts and practical information. This comprehensive book, written in a direct, non-jargonistic manner, will be of tremendous value to everyone from individual homeowners to students of environmental design.”

StepsSusan Reed

Landscape Architecture

Designing home landscapes to be: • Ecologically rich • Comfortably livable • Energy efficient • Inviting to wildlife • Naturally beautiful.

Energy-Wise Priorities

2-IMG 2157 copyI believe that every landscape is full of opportunities for us to save or use less energy. Further, I believe that we all have a responsibility to conserve energy, for the sake of the planet. My book, Energy-Wise Landscape Design, details hundreds of actions we can take, in our gardens and grounds, to use less energy, both in our home’s utility costs and out in the landscape itself, unrelated to the house.

The book is a comprehensive guide, written in plain language, usable by everyday homeowners and gardeners as well as landscape professionals. In every design project, I work to incorporate as many of these energy-saving actions as the homeowner will allow and the site can support.