“A truly useful book. Indispensable to anyone who wants a healthy, economical and easy- to-maintain landscape.”

StepsSusan Reed

Landscape Architecture

Designing home landscapes to be: • Ecologically rich • Comfortably livable • Energy efficient • Inviting to wildlife • Naturally beautiful.

Ecological Emphasis

1-1-IMG 0030 2I treat every landscape project as an opportunity to contribute to the health of the natural world. In my plans, I aim to minimize harm and protect each site’s valuable features while incorporating:

  • habitat that supports local wildlife
  • vegetation that requires minimal maintenance
  • drainage patterns that encourage percolation rather than runoff
  • proper placement of buildings and trees to make the most of solar gain
  • well-built components that last a long time, to reduce demand on natural resources.

Each residential landscape that I design is planned to be a resilient, diverse, self-sustaining and resource-recycling environment that nourishes all its inhabitants, both human and nonhuman.