"Sue Reed harbors great empathy for “walking lightly on the earth.” As a teacher, she has many important ideas to share, and her students have been the immediate and long-term beneficiaries. She writes effectively and is an engaging speaker. She is also technically proficient, a great team player, and above all a practical person. Sue is versatile, and a force to be reckoned with!"


StepsSusan Reed

Landscape Architecture

Designing home landscapes to be: • Ecologically rich • Comfortably livable • Energy efficient • Inviting to wildlife • Naturally beautiful.


Overall Design Approach

1-IMG 0047 11 2My goal as a designer is to create landscapes that work well, look good and feel comfortable. Since 1987, I have worked on over 450 residential projects throughout New England. In every landscape, I merge a sensitive analysis of the homeowner’s wishes with a thorough assessment of each site’s landform, vegetation and overall character. I take further cues from the ecology, geology, culture and history of the surrounding region to create design solutions that are so well-suited to the property, they almost seem inevitable.

I believe the most appealing landscapes are those in which the hand of the designer is virtually invisible. My plans strive for a quiet, uncontrived effect. I incorporate local materials, native plants and natural landforms in arrangements that resemble nature’s own unstudied composition, slightly adjusted to satisfy the physical and aesthetic needs of the people who live there.