“Sue is a true asset to the New England region...both as a landscape design instructor and for her book "Energy-wise Landscape Design," which should be a required text for all landscape and architecture students. Sue's approach to designing & building sustainable homes and landscapes is based in sound scientific and ecological principles, but she finds a way to present complex subject matter in a way that's easily understood and absorbed.”

StepsSusan Reed

Landscape Architecture

Designing home landscapes to be: • Ecologically rich • Comfortably livable • Energy efficient • Inviting to wildlife • Naturally beautiful.


Our landscapes should welcome us home and support our lives every day. All too often, however, we end up tolerating surroundings that don’t quite work right or feel good or look they way we would wish. As a landscape architect with more than 25 years of experience, I work hard to bring into every home landscape these basic amenities:

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  • Comfortable outdoor gathering places
  • Inviting paths and steps
  • Gracious walls and patios
  • Sunny pockets and protected nooks
  • Usable open areas
  • Self-sustaining, wildlife-supporting vegetation
  • A welcoming arrival area, and unobtrusive car spaces

A well-designed landscape will give you pleasure and beauty, in a manner that sustains the health of the natural world. I can help you create such a place.