“It's time for us to imagine a new kind of landscape, one in which beauty is not just a social convention or a glossy magazine image, but also an expression of our social values. Now in the 21st century, we can design, build and care for our landscapes so that in addition to looking attractive they will also work for our own good and the good of the larger world.”

Energy-Wise Landscape DesignEnergy-Wise
Landscape Design

by Sue Reed

A book full of new ideas to help homeowners, gardeners and designers:
• Save energy • Shrink our carbon footprint • Respond to climate change
• Help the environment • Save money.

About the Author

Sue Reed is a registered landscape architect who has helped hundreds of homeowners create comfortable, beautiful, energy-efficient landscapes. She has worked in the landscape design field since 1987, operating her own practice since 1991 and becoming licensed as a landscape architect in 1996. Sue is also a writer and lecturer/workshop leader. Her recent article on sustainable landscape design appears in the Encyclopedia of Sustainability, Volume 2 (2010).

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After working for eleven years as a furniture builder and harpsichord maker, Sue earned her Master of Arts degree at the Conway School of Landscape Design in 1987. She joined the faculty there in 1991 and served as an adjunct instructor until 2007. As both a teacher and a practitioner, she excels at conveying complex technical information and subtle design ideas to her students, clients and readers.

Sue lives in western Massachusetts. Growing beside her house is a dogwood tree that she planted when it was a tiny shoot, in the lot behind her first office. Like Sue herself, the tree has been transplanted a few times but now has taken root in its permanent home.