“Sue Reed has done something wonderful in this ambitious first book —in friendly, plain language she has leaped over the mundane of the “how to” genre to infuse the reader with real awareness and understanding of basic principles of natural process and about the benefits and methods of gently milking nature for its goodness.”

FrogGood Landscapes

Ecological Design Blog

Tips for creating landscapes that are: • Welcoming and livable • Naturally healthy • Low-maintenance • Energy-conserving • Good for us
• Good for the planet.

About this Blog

In this blog I offer suggestions and practical advice to help readers create landscapes that are comfortably livable, ecologically rich and energy efficient. These ideas are based on my 26 years of experience as a residential landscape designer.

The posts in this blog are intended mostly for homeowners and gardeners. Occasional posts will be directed at landscape designers and professionals, but they will be written in everyday language, to be accessible to everyone. 

1-1-IMG 7887 2I will also include, now and then, some articles originally posted by me in another blog, Native Plants and Wildlife Gardens. These pieces tend to be more musing and questioning than actual advice, but they all focus on issues of ecological landscape design.

Whatever their subject, all posts in this blog spring from my fundamental belief that every landscape should be:

  • Resilient, durable, and diverse.
  • Useful and easy to live in, as well as beautiful.
  • A place where we conserve energy and minimize our consumption of the earth’s resources.

I welcome comments and questions, but please note that I will screen for spam, obscenity, rudeness, marketing offers, and comments that are so off-topic as to be irrelevant to other readers.