“I've worked with Sue on several projects at the Conway School, and have known her for over 25 years. She is thorough and competent; and has a terrific understanding the issues involved with landscape design and energy conservation. She has a terrific eye as well, and is great at explaining what is going on and what needs to be paid attention to.”

FrogGood Landscapes

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Tips for creating landscapes that are: • Welcoming and livable • Naturally healthy • Low-maintenance • Energy-conserving • Good for us
• Good for the planet.

About Sue Reed

IMG 2675 2 2I am a registered Landscape Architect with more than 25 years experience designing home landscapes that enhance and support the lives of their human inhabitants while also contributing to the health of the natural world.

I also wrote the book Energy-Wise Landscape Design, which presents hundreds of ideas for creating gardens and grounds that consume less energy and help shrink our carbon footprint. You can learn more about this book by visiting here.

I believe that all landscapes should:

  • First be useful and livable, then look beautiful.
  • First contribute to a healthy planet, then conform to social norms.
  • Make life good for people who live and visit there, and at the same time allow humbler creatures to exist there too.
  • Consume as little as possible of the earth’s resources.
  • Treat nature as a miracle to be respected, not exploited.