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Residential landscape planning • Ecological site design • Native plant gardens and restoration • Energy conservation in the landscape • On-site consultations • Writing and public speaking


Susan Reed
Landscape Architecture

Designing home landscapes to be:

  • Ecologically rich
  • Comfortably livable
  • Energy efficient
  • Inviting to wildlife
  • Naturally beautiful.
Energy-Wise Landscape Design book cover

Landscape Design

A book full of new ideas to help:

  • Save energy and money
  • Shrink our carbon footprint
  • Respond to climate change
  • Help the environment

In our own front and back yards.


Good Landscapes
Ecological Design Blog

Tips for creating landscapes that are:

  • Welcoming and livable
  • Naturally healthy
  • Energy-conserving
  • Good for us
  • Good for the planet.